2016 municipal elections: Get this sh** off my timeline!

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) is adamant that it will hold onto power in all the municipalities currently under its control, as well as wrest the Midvaal municipality in Gauteng from the Democratic Alliance.

“We are going to maintain all the municipalities that we are in charge of and we will also win Midvaal [municipality] here in Gauteng [and] Western Cape as we never go into a battle with an intention to lose‚” the ANC’s elections head‚ Nomvula Mokonyane‚ said on Sunday.

Business Day, 31 July

That time of the year has come around yet again where we, the fine citizens of South Africa, get to cast our votes under the pretence that our votes actually mean something.

For starters, we all know the ANC will win, just about, every province, because they control the majority of South Africans through shameless propaganda, media censorship, a substandard education and by reminding us about the demons of our past.

And then, of course, we know the DA is going to win the Western Cape because the Cape is unlike the rest of this country, and the majority vote here is not the same as it is elsewhere.

Now, there are a number of factors at play here and a few socio-political and economic realities that are behind my rather defeatist attitude here. I am not a fan of either of South Africa’s dominant parties, but I think we all know what the state of our political environment is and that it will be a long time before things change and we move forward.

However, I would like to discuss with you, dear reader, something that is even worse. When we grow up, we are all told that there are two subjects that should not be brought up in polite conversation – politics and religion. 20 years ago, hell even 10 years ago, people would avoid having conversations about political views and would keep their views to themselves, because they wouldn’t want to disrupt the harmony of their friendships or offend those in their company.

Now, in 2016, we have a different platform for such interactions, namely social media, and the “no politics” rule has gone completely by the wayside. How many of your friends are posting images of why we need to end corruption in the ANC or something along those lines? Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram seem to be polluted by this kind of trash.

Now, this kind of political endorsement may well just come down to an expression of opinion, which is, of course, well within your rights and completely up to the individual. However, there may be some of you out there that actually think you will be changing people’s minds and this is downright stupid.

Of my +/- 600 friends on Facebook, I would say that comfortably 90% of them vote for the DA and, of their friends, the number would probably be similar, if not the same. So, really, your message about how we need to spread the truth about the ANC’s media blackout or corruption in government is reaching an audience of citizens that already know the truth behind the various shortcomings of our ruling party.

So that begs the question, “why the f*** are you sharing this BS?”

You know that it’s impolite to share your political views and you know that the vast majority of people that it reaches agree with your view. Are you hunting for likes? Or are you looking to spark a reaction from one of your friends that will disagree with you?

I am not faultless in this respect because I have done the same thing on numerous occasions. But, at the end of the day, your decision to share these pictures, memes or statuses are nothing less than a reflection of your own vanity or desire to create conflict. Ergo, the final question is, “are you full of yourself, or are you just a troll?”




I am a 24-year-old journalist, working in Sports journalism, but interested in just about everything.

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